Fuel of the Universe

We live in an era of a bitter reality, where God has been killed unconsciously by society and possessions have come to possess the owner. It’s a mediocre time, not completely dark, nor completely bright. However, there’s still some light at the end of the tunnel for humanity. There’s still something that keeps our world turning round and round.


The ancient Greeks said that our human nature consisted of four elements, each forever present and absolutely necessary to keep our world functioning the way it does. The first is death. It’s everywhere around in the world; everything alive is already dying, while all the other objects never had life. Death is the icon of absence and decay; of nature and a higher power, so unknown and sometimes incomprehensible for man that it is right to be afraid of it. The second is power, in all of its forms. It means pride, supremacy, the potential of anything, the ultimate way of resembling God, but useless without usage or an intention. The third is hate, the dark side of the human psyche, built up by most of our instincts and drives taken to a personal extreme. Nonetheless, it’s just the half. Love is the fourth element, and the completing light half side for hate.


There is still no precise definition for love: it’s affinity, it’s keenness, it’s empathy, it’s passion. Love is the one root of human goodness revolting in a swamp of instincts and emotions. This chaos is typical of us humans. Everyone suffers of a constant battle of feelings against reason. The heart challenges the mind. This war is waged deep inside the world of the soul. One must decide how to deal with these inner demons and angels, at the risk of taking sides, disrupting the subtle balance of our soul, and seriously regret the choice later in lifetime. Life is a cycle of continuous destruction and creation of the self, attempting to shape up our own worlds. This is a lonely task that inevitably is done in our existence.


Our beloved, like friends and family, can help us through, but they are only pieces of the puzzle that is life. They have no real sense except when put together and appreciated from the right perspective. Love is the bond among all the pieces, which ties everything up and puts the jigsaw in display for us to contemplate. However, nothing happens until there’s a revelation of love, a spark that provokes an inner revolution that awakes the true self, junction of virtues and vices. It’s until the appearance of a significant other that life starts to have a meaning that was always there, but put aside, ignored or maybe even hidden in the deep. Sometimes it’s found more than once, other times it’s lost leaving open wounds and unforgettable scars. Sometimes it’s never found at all. This romance is far beyond body, heart and mind, conquering the soul, filling it up with illusions, dreams and the inspiration to transform everything into a reality. With love, fantasies become a reality. Life completes, or at least makes sense after all.


Tampico, Mexico. 2004.

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