Acquainted #14 – Intoxicating

 There was a girl who could erase the past, a power that she loved to use for the sake and woe of her friends. Her ritual of libations and musical saltation never failed to make those who experienced it to stop worrying and seize the now.


It all started with her potions after the sun came down, like Scheherazade’s trickery at night. She would design and mix according to your needs an elixir to lift your spirits high, and as soon as you drank, time would blur following her rite.


Then dancing would come. She would spin, glide, and writhe, making you move along, following the beats that flowed like sand dunes, savannahs, tropical sunshine, and moral decline. As she swayed to the exotic rhythms as the dancer that she was, she would whisper and perform the mantras of the music, alluring and hypnotizing everyone around.


Sip. Sip. Sip.


Eyes closed.


Hair up.


Grind on, hip to hip.


After a few intoxicating rounds of wriggling hips and enticing highs, her ceremony came to an end. With the power of her dancing and her drinks, yesterday would be erased.

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