Acquainted #8 – Fed Up

There was one guy that everybody treated with special care. He was always eating something. Food filled his mouth all the time. His jaw was constantly moving, chewing, and munching something. It was all food that people gave to him.

Others looked after him, concerned about his eating. Not that he quitted or went on a diet, but worried that he didn’t get a chance to stop. Everyone was organized on the matter, taking turns feeding him, or at least supplying food. Some girls were in charge making assorted baked goods and cookies, while others were appointed according to specific cuisines, such as Chinese and Southwestern — all foods which he devoured without hesitation. Guys usually just supplied drinks.

It was amazing that he didn’t get fat despite his non-stop eating. His body was big, but not obese whatsoever. He just had the digestive skills needed for it. Besides, chewing does take energy.

Understanding why people kept feeding him was hard. Nobody gave a clear explanation about it. Everybody claimed that the issue was self-explanatory when he didn’t eat. 

“Let him talk and you’ll understand”.

He actually stopped eating once during a conversation, when food supplies ran out for a couple of minutes. He used the opportunity to join the dialogue. His comment caused a dead silence. I had appalled everyone. Somehow, his remarks mocked two past generations and three future generations, besides of those present — especially women, animals, and clowns.

He definitely needed to be fed, all the time.

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