Divine Translation

What the human considers Chance

the Divine calls Fate

What the human builds as Science

the Divine gives as Poetry

What the human calls Wealth

the Divine deems a challenge

What the human feels as Fire

the Divine pours as Water

What the human calls experience

the Divine bestows as Wisdom

What the human calls Universe

the Divine crafted as Play

Where the human seeks for story

the Divine delivers as Word

What the human calls History

the Divine considers Redemption

What the human feels as suffering

the Divine decrees as Mission

Where the human finds Death

the Divine finds Justice

What the human finds Evil

the Divine finds Human

What the human calls Faith

the Divine deems as Trust

What the human calls Generosity

the Divine considers Life

What the human knows as Chaos

the Divine construes as Beauty

What the human sees as Contradiction

the Divine reads as Harmony

Where the human seeks Division

the Divine finds Unity

What the human experiences as Time

the Divine knows as Being

What the human understands as Mystery

the Divine knows as Truth

What we humans judge as an End

God gives as a Beginning.

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