Cinderella’s Chores

Cinderella was bored out of her mind, fed up of doing her everyday routine. Sweeping, mopping, dusting, scrubbing, it was all the same set of chores. Yet she had to do them all. She needed her imagination to make the best of it.

With the broom in her hands, revelation came to her in the form of music. She couldn’t hear it, but she felt it – it was within her. Music took her over.

Cinderella started to dance, just improvising movements. It was no ballet or waltz, but her dance had style. It had personality. She moved with a rhythm of her own, displaying such a grace that a prince would definitely fall in love with her. She danced all over the place, still sweeping the floor.

But Cinderella needed another way to let the music flow. So she looked around the room, seeking something to experiment with. An empty bucket – that was her answer. She started banging it with her feet and broom.

Tong. Bang. A leap. Two turns. Toc. Tac. Tac. Swirl. Sweep, right, left. Tong. Bang. Twist. Tac. Toc, toc, toc. Stop. Sweep. A step back, another forth. Move around. Look around. Sweep. Ting. Bang…

Cinderella was not only feeling music, she was creating – living to it. She was bored no more thanks to the music and her jazz, and didn’t care if she looked dumb or not in the eyes of others.

Yes, she had an audience. Her stepsisters and step-mom were watching all along. They didn’t care about Cinderella’s antics, though. For them, she wasn’t performing. Rather, Cinderella’s was simply doing her everyday chores.


Dallas, TX. 2009.


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