The pieces in the collection represent a dialectic dynamic between literary classics and contemporary visual arts. I consider each piece as a collision of concepts and influences, ranging from language, metaphors, colors, design, and shapes to the text itself. That collision synthesizes from exploring and exploiting a a variety of techniques that belong to modern canons, such as digital manipulation, remote collaboration, mixed media, and experimental narratives, as well as those of historical resonance, albeit with contemporary twists, including photography, architecture, appropriation, painting, and, of course, literature.
Beyond the origin and appearance of the pieces, the collection as a whole echoes with themes of globalization, national identity, audience’s impact, authorial ownership, artistic intent, male gaze, female representation, and “universal” archetypes from a Western perspective.
Ultimately, I aim for LIT/ART\URE to tell stories worth more than both a thousand words and a dozen pictures…


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