Vamps, Blood & Smoking Guns

Bored with dull divorce cases, ex-cop-turned-private-detective Erika “Colt” Coltrane decides to investigate a series of eerie murders that has been kept secret thanks to police corruption. Sooner than expected, though, she finds herself embroiled in a conspiracy involving a small vampire cult led by Vanessa, a mysterious figure convinced that drinking Nick Payne’s blood (Colt’s client) will turn her vampire symptoms into superhuman powers. Colt then not only has to rush and do her best detective work in order to solve the murders but also to save Nick and save herself, ultimately stopping the killing rampage of the vampires.

Nowadays Orange Productions presents “Vamps, Blood & Smoking Guns”

Starring: Martha Harms, Ian Sinclair, Justin Arnold, Jessica Renee Russell, Josh Ridgway, Marti Etheridge, Mark Hanson, Jack O’Donnell
Casting by: Bridgette Poe
Theme Song by: Prashant Raghavendran
Cinematography by: Caleb Dean.
Produced by: Alex Garcia Topete and Jacob Wurzer
Written by: Taylor Brigance & Alex Garcia Topete
Directed by: Alex Garcia Topete

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