Acquainted #4 – Friendly

I remember a guy who was everybody’s friend, or at least he tried to be. He wanted to be. He was friend of his friends. He befriended the friends of his friends. He befriended people he met around, even in the street. He even tried to be friends with people he had never met.

His friendliness had no boundaries, and used all means. Some were called to their cell phones, others had a chat-room window pop up in their computers. Quite a few others had messages delivered to their inboxes. Some people had the privilege of being visited by him.

He just loved to bond with people. He could talk for hours about the most diverse topics, or stay long enough to listen to any conversation. It was hard not to see him around somebody.

I got to know him in person at a mutual friend’s party. And later on, he befriended a girl through my internet contacts to my surprise — hers also. She was lucky to receive a very special e-mail:

“Hey, you seem so cool that I’d like to be your friend even if we haven’t met. After all, we’ve got friends in common too. Also, I think I’ve seen you around the park, judging by your picture in your online profile. Do you happen to jog in the afternoons around five fifteen, wearing a red sports top and black tracking shorts? Because if you do, let me tell you those look great on you while walking home”.

He friendlily cared for everybody. But not everyone reciprocated.

“Anyways, see you around. Have fun. Take care. And you might want to know you’re running out of milk”.

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