Acquainted #5 – Magical

This other guy believed in magic. He truly did. For him, love didn’t , contrary to what Dante said, make the world move. Nor did gravity. He was certain that magic moved the world around, a mysterious force that bound the whole universe together. This is how he expressed himself about the subject, word for word.

He went through life looking around, trying to find clues that proved his belief. He sought them everywhere: in parks, in the street, and even in the trash. He did so not because he needed proof, but to be able to convince others about the magic.

One day he thought he had found his hint. While walking with other guys in a mall, a butterfly came to them, flapping its wings, drawing curves of orange and yellow in the air. He stopped in awe for a moment. Everybody else kept talking and walking, but stopped when they noticed him paying attention to the butterfly. They all saw the butterfly approach them, hover among them, then fly back towards a girl who was looking at them and vanish amidst the curls of her black hair. It had spied on them. The girl disappeared too.

“Isn’t it magical?”. He broke the silence after he had started to watch the butterfly and the girl’s trick. Everybody laughed and just continued on.

After that, he was convinced that he needed to do the magic himself and show it in order to convince others. So he got a pile of books on the matter, read them, and started practicing. Weeks passed with no results. Nothing appeared.

Until one day, when he felt something thin and hairy flapping by his ear. He turned eagerly to look at it. It was not what he expected, but almost — it was a moth. And it was magical. All he needed was to practice his magic a little more.

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