The Lesser Divine

Eros shoots his arrow and hits the heart,

hurting the mind and ripening flesh.

The wounded wonders about the One,

dreaming of a destiny together.

The wounded touches the dream at night.

Some nights the One dreams and touches back.


Eros returns home to Psyche.

They live together as One.

Whispers and secrets build their home.

They host and hear each other,

holding hopes and dreams.

The One at home held in parts and whole.


Eros whispers to Psyche at night,

wondering about their dream as One.

They touch sublime mortality and their lesser divine.

Together at home, mending wounds of the heart.


Eros joins Heaven and Earth from a timeless start,

unfolding godly mysteries while the mortal hides.

The wings of Eros defeat the Abyss,

pushing life and Chaos in their sacred dance.

The eternal gift of the lesser divine.

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