A Sublime Mortality

Psyche longs to find the One,

drawing mirages of her dream at night.

Psyche wishes for what her sisters have,

untouched by prayers sung in her praise.

Yet she wanders every evening, seeking the One.

Sometimes she finds what she seeks,

if only for her night.


Psyche finds Eros, and she wanders no more.

They build a home together instead.

One that means two, paradox at play.

Psyche needs no more prayers, while Eros sings all praise.

Whispers and secrets bind their fates.

The One dancing at home in a daze.


Psyche wounds Eros with his arrow at times.

Perhaps in their dream, maybe in their life.

Psyche cuts herself with his arrow, too.

Immortal, together,

they share with each other that painful delight.


Psyche never forgets the Gift that she has,

the eternal memory of the One between Heaven and Earth.

There’s a Moment, during life’s and Chaos’ sacred dance,

when Psyche finds the gifted grace of a sublime mortality

that makes her hear the musical laughter of Time.

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