Theatre’s Movement Resonates

Not only the world is a stage. Any empty space is a stage for engagement. For acting. For the act of engaging actor to audience: anybody to everybody. Everything lives to theatre. It defines itself every time, a discovery of meanings and its life. Change and exchange. Theatre can be deadly as much it is holy, rough and immediate, if routine creeps to its roots. From West End to Broadway, from the ancient classics to Shakespeare to nowadays’ plays, theatre must live on its own, regardless the stage.

Training is not art. Discipline is not creativity. The myth of technique can not, must not replace the artist’s spirit. Theatre is partly ritual, partly exercise, making up a vital rhythm to which the actor is the creator. It’s a mix of influences, of stimulus and resonators that go beyond impressions.

The individual must regenerate, overcoming the fear of losing love, overcoming the panic of being unable to predict. What moves people must go against mechanisms. Displace stagnancy and vanity. Speak the unsaid. No words. Movement. Means to an end. Dance. Communication or art? Can’t say…

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