My Creative Catechism

Considering the broad variety of projects and activities I pursue, the narrative thread and commonalities among them might not be openly apparent from an outside perspective. However, they all link, from writing short stories to starting companies and organizations–and the following creative catechism shapes their shared DNA and rules their principles:

  1. In simple terms, what’s the creative project?
  2. How does it contribute value to stakeholders and the world?
  3. How does it reaffirm life and good living?
  4. How does it inspire individuals?
  5. How does it blur borders?
  6. How is it sustainable for our world?
  7. How does it benefit communities?
  8. How does it provide delight?
  9. How does it speak in more than one language?
  10. What are its risks and their offsets?
  11. How will its success be measured?
  12. What will it take to succeed, conceptually and in resources?

Ultimately, the synopsis of the creative narrative comes to this:

Making our world a better story…

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